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territorial adj
1 of or relating to a territory; "the territorial government of the Virgin Islands"; "territorial claims made by a country"
2 displaying territoriality; defending a territory from intruders; "territorial behavior"; "strongly territorial birds" [ant: nonterritorial]
3 of or relating to the local vicinity; "territorial waters" [ant: extraterritorial]


1 nonprofessional soldier member of a territorial military unit
2 a territorial military unit [syn: territorial reserve]

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territorial (sometimes Territorial)
  1. of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area, or territory
  2. (often capitalized) organized for home defence - such as the Territorial Army
  3. displaying territoriality


territorial (often Territorial)
  1. a non-professional member of a Territorial Army



territorial and
  1. territorial.

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A territory (from the word 'terra', meaning 'land') is a defined area (including land and waters),considered to be a possession of a person, organization, institution, animal, state or country subdivision.
  • Territory (animal) a geographical area defended by an animal against others of the same species (and occasionally of other species)
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